Affilation No.: 2130487
School Code : 60215


  1. 01
    Admission are open for all but strictly on merit basis and subject to vacancies in a particular class.
  2. 02
    T.C./Birth Certificate is a must at the time of admission along with a recent passport size photograph of the child.
  3. 03
    Students seeking admission in class I to XI from other schools, must submit T.C. counter signed by competent education authority.
  4. 04
    Students seeking admission in class X to XII, must submit counter signed T.C. and class IX and XI registration card obtained from C.B. S.E. or any other Board.
  5. 05
    The principal, reserves the right to refuse admission to any class without assigning any reason.
  6. 06
    Pupils are expected to appear for all tests as per schedule.
  7. 07
    Non-payment of fee may debar a child from appearing in these tests! examinations.
  8. 08
    A part from these periodic tests, the child is assessed through class response, assignments, projects and informal tests and overall behavior of the students in the school is observed by the staff of the school.
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